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Who We Are (Bear, Otter, and the Kid #2) - T.J. Klune This series was so unexpected, I am still reeling from loving it so freaking much! I will not go into what the story is about because a lot of things happen in the span of the 2 books and I don't want to ruin the twists for anyone -because there are A LOT! But I just want to say that I loved Bear's voice, I loved the Kid's voice, and I loved Bear, Otter, and the Kid all together. The characters surrounded them were really fleshed out and in general, this did not feel like a story read in a book. It felt freaking real. I never got bored. I never even minded that the erotic scenes were really subtle here. Even when Bear went on his tangents for pages at a time in the middle of something exciting happening, I did not skim a single paragraph. I didn't want to miss one single sentence, one single thought. It takes a book such as this to remind one that there's a lot of freaking skill and talent involved in writing gut-wrenching stories of love, family, and friendship without the story becoming one of however many others. This stands out. This, I won't forget. And can I just please please please pretty please say that I NEED A BOOK ABOUT TY AND DOM?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like now???? Please please please??????????