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Bound By Lies - Lynn Kelling I. HAVE. NO. FUCKING. WORDS. FOR. THIS. It was amazing!!!! Oh my God! The hotness, the tension, the sex, it was flaming hot!!!! I am in no condition to do any form of proper review, so I'll just rave about it. Yup, that's all I'm capable right now. Raving!!

Jenner and Brayden. Explosive combination! I have been waiting for a book like this for a while! Brayden is a mass of insecurities after years of bullying at school and family drama which the whole town won't stop gossipping about. Coming home after a few years of self-discovery in Florida to take care of his grandma and young cousin, he gets a job at a local pub. Enter Jenner. Oh the hotness! Jenner is a year older than Brayden, barely 23 himself, and the owner of the pub. The big bad dom, intimidating like hell, and massively overpowering next to Brayden, gets immediately drawn to Brayden. After an incognito encounter at a BDSM club a few towns over, Brayden and Jenner enter a master-slave relationship. No one knows that they are even gay, let alone that Brayden wants nothing more than to submit to Jenner's will, as rough as he can get it. The rest of the story focuses on Brayden and Jenner figuring out the balance in their relationship, getting Brayden to not feel ashamed of who he is and what his needs are, and to at last be honest about their honosexuality to the community around them.

Gosh Brayden! He thinks of himself as the biggest loser and freak on the planet, and Jenner tries so hard to show him that he has nothing anymore to fear. The erotic scenes were extremely refreshing and original. There was no clinical BDSM 101 demonstrations, and they seemed to go back and forth from being Jenner and Brayden to master and slave. Their relationship was not rigid, but ever growing and fluid. It's been a while that I read about a BDSM lifestyle that doesn't follow a specific pattern and platform. It was all instinct and going with the flow. Jenner is the experienced one of the two and he guided Brayden in his exploration of this new way of expressing himself sexually. What surprised me is that the book became quite dark and emotional at times, which I didn't expect. Up to about 25%, I really thought this was going to be a long, drawn-out fuckfest. Sooo not the case! We learn so much about their feelings, thoughts, fears, needs, desires, and the author did a great job in not rushing any of it! The story did not lag one little bit, and it was a looooong book! Every chapter is titled, which I love, because I am always trying to figure out what's gonna happen from it. The book was about 800 pages in the Nook, and boy I wanted more more more more more!!!!

Highly, highly, highly recommend this book!!! It's going straight to my favorite list!!!!