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Frog - Mary Calmes What!!! Shell. Shocked! Let me get the rambling out of the way. Right, so Weber is the perfect man. I want him so bad! He's sweet, kind, generous, well-mannered, awesome with kids, and an amazing lover. The southern drawl gave me goosebumps! And Cy, well, his neediness got just a little bit too old for my taste toward the end, but who the hell cares. The book was amazing. The relationship between Web and Carolyn's kids was so heart-warming! I want a sequel and to see Web have his own kids! I am such a sucker for sappy stories when they're done just right. Oh, and the sex scenes were hottt!!!! If you are hesitating for whatever reason to get this book, STOP. RIGHT. NOW. AND. GET. READING! You won't regret it! It's been a long time since I added a book to my favorites, and this is definitely going there!!!