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Superhero - Eli Easton Oh my!!! This was so endearing and cute! I love stories where we meet the characters when they are children and hear their voices in kid speak. It's just so sweet! Jordan and Owen met when they were in 2nd grade and have been best friends since. While Jordan realized he was gay pretty early on, Owen thought he was straight and denied his attraction to Jordan. The fact that Owen was a wrestling prodigy did not help in him coming to terms with his sexuality. I loved the fact that we saw the beautiful friendship between the characters develop,as well as the sexual tension and the attraction. The whole "my wrestling career will be over if I am gay" was a little exaggerated I thought, but all in all, this was the sweetest, story ever! I so wish it was longer!!!! There was some steam factor in it, but it didn'!t progress to full-blown intercourse, as this is basically a YA read. Highly, highly, highly recommend!!!