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Quid Pro Quo - Aleksandr Voinov, L.A. Witt Review for all 4 books of the market garden series.

I looooooved Jared and Tristan. I really hope they get their own full-lengthed novel. The characters deserve it and there is so much more we can read about them. The erotic scenes were just that, pure eroticism. Even though the first 2 stories (quid pro quo, and take it off) are really short, Tristan and Jared feel very real and very emotive. We see a lot more than how hot they are and how they have sex. Nick and Spencer (in "if it flies" and "if it fornicates") were also good, but I did not crave reading about them as I did with Tristan and Jared. In any case, I can't wait for "capture and surrender" to come out!!!

Highly recommend the market garden series to anyone who enjoys HOT HOT HOT mm romance with characters who you won't easily forget.