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Racing for the Sun - Amy Lane 10 stars!!!! I NEVER write reviews and this isn't really one but my God, this book was phenomenal!!! Sonny and Ace have this all-consuming love for one another and will stop at nothing to protect each other. Sonny is a broken soul who needs protection, loyalty, and constant reassurance. And Ace would literally sell his soul to make sure that Sonny is loved and safe. Their story is not a pretty one. It's raw and covered with blood, literally and figuratively, bordering on unhealthy desperation. But the writing...god the writing is gripping from page one. I've read other Amy Lane novels and sometimes felt there was unnecessary stuff that just dragged the story down. Well this is not the case here. The story flows smoothly and there is no fluff whatsoever. The sex is hotter than ever amd there is no fake "growling, mine, pounding"" here. You read and FEEL the aggression and possessiveness in their lovemaking without it being corny in any way. They're both dark characters and I just loved them more for it. The ending left me wanting more though. It felt more like a Happy For Now and not a HEA. This does not refer to the relationship per se but to the circumstances surrounding them. Would absolutely loooooove a sequel! The characters have so much more to give. This is going to my favorites ASAP!