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Plan B - S.J.D. Peterson 2 stars. Warning: There comes the rant.

*sigh* So so so disappointed. It's my own damn fault ignoring all those reviews I read. Well, the bummer is that I actually liked the story up to the stupid 3 year leap. I liked Danny so so much that I was preparing myself to not be put off by the choppy transition but the writing got so damn bad that I couldn't help it. I got pissed off.

My main issue is that I got the impression the author got bored writing or something and decided to conveniently wrap everything up in 40 something pages out of the 430 (in the nook). Not only did the MCs talk as if they met 30 years later instead of 3 ("has life been good to you?" WTF?), they resolved all their emotional issues within hours. Not to mention that parts of the epilogue were so incongruous with the MCs' personalities, overcoming hang-ups that would once send them straight to panic attack mode. Change is fine, in fact, change is great, as long as we actually SEE how the characters mature into that change. Simply being told only makes the character come off as fake because we never saw it happening.

To sum, I feel that the author rambled on about stuff that didn't really add to the development of the characters in the middle of the book, but when it came to huge life changes, we never got to experience them. Those events were literally mentioned as something that happened and it's done and over with.

If you are a fan of harlequin novellas, where you don't get to see too much depth in the characters and whatever conflicts were manufactured were magically resolved in a few pages, you might like this. I don't think I will be buying anything else by this author. I was really disappointed with "Pup" and I thought I'd try one more book, but the writing style is not doing it for me.