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Crossroads - Ty Marton Best 80 pages (for Nook) $3 ever bought me! I usually shy away from anything with less than 200 pages, and I am so glad there was no page count with the blurb because I would have totally missed out!

After 3 years in college, Colby felt that something was missing from his life. He decided to embark on a hitch-hiking trip of self-discovery hoping to find some purpose.

Enter John. John offers Colby a ride, a hot meal, and the opportunity of a 24-hour crash course in the BDSM lifestyle. The story is not concluded at the end of the 24 hours though, so we have to wait for book 2. Uuuuugh, I want it noooow!!!

Initially, I thought this was going to be a few pages full of sex scenes where the only thing we'd know about the MCs would be their names and basic demographic info. Even though we don't get the full background story or anything ( it's only 80pg after all), we get a pretty good look into the characters' emotions. Boy was I in for a surprise there! In the course of the story, I felt fear, sadness, anger, and of course hawt hawt hawtness!!! I am so totally buying the second book!

Warning: There is a pretty strong humiliation scene here. Even though I REALLY don't like when that happens, it didn't make me want to give the story fewer stars. Enjoy!